Every year I encourage everyone I know to protest their property taxes and this year was no different. I provide the following link with ideas on protesting property taxes at www.benbacarealtor.com/propertytaxes/

This year, when I attended the Informal Hearing and came to a settlement agreement on my property taxes, the Appraisal District Representative was nice enough to give me the following guide and I wanted to share it with you so you can be prepared;


The following are suggestions that may be presented as evidence at the informal/formal hearing.
Photographic Evidence (Limited to 10 or less photographs):
 – Photographs of the subject property
 – Photographs of internal and/or external issues that represent the condition as of January 1st of the current year
 – Photographs of adverse external factor, I.E. drainage, commercial encroachment, etc.
 – Photographs of comparable sales
 – Current 3rd party repair estimates for damage(s) to subject structures sustained prior to January 1st of the current year
 – Any applicable engineer’s report(s) or statements from builder
 – Fee Appraisal, complete Closing Statement (Including Signature Page), or Earnest Money Contracts
 – Recent termite or mold damage report, and cost or repairs
 – Blueprints or survey to attest to the square footage of the improvements and/or land size
(Square footage based on outside measurements)
 – Comparative Sales Information or Market Analysis from a Realtor
 – Any other data which would support reason(s) for protest

Originals or copies, in digital or paper form, of any evidence presented at a hearing, must be left for the inclusion in the Appraisal Review Board’s Records at the time of the Formal Hearing. Electronic evidence must be saved to a portable device and retained by the ARB. Additional information in regard to acceptable media, devices, file types, and size limitations can be found on Page 5 of the “Protest Hearing Procedures” provided to you with your notice to appear.

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